Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates

from 25.00

Gift Certificates can be used to make payments toward my art, cards, classes, Ladies' Night Out sessions, and more!

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This is a new addition to my online services, so the process is being tweaked. For now, please submit the contact information of your Gift Certificate recipient during the checkout process and they will receive your Gift Certificate, good for the amount of your payment. Your purchase can be delivered electronically or by snail mail - your choice!

If you wish to place an order for an amount that does not appear here, please just drop me a note and I'll be sure and add your amount to the list of options. Many thanks!

Gift Amount Ideas

  • 35.00 -  Ladies' Night Out session
  • 55.00 - Day of Camp
  • 65.00 - covers the cost of a private class
  • 75.00 - AWS or deposit
  • 90.00 - two days of camp
  • 100.00 - perfect art or class gift
  • 170.00 - good for 10 adult classes
  • 225.00 - Week of Art Camp
  • 240.00 - good for 15 adult classes
  • 400.00 - Two kids for Camp
  • 500.00 - art makes a perfect gift
  • 600.00 - Three kids for camp